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“Laser Solutions”, CJSC was established in 2006 as a telecommunication company. Throughout 2008-2010 the company has thrived by changing its strategy to developments in fiber optic technologies and distributed fiber optic monitoring systems.
We believe that strong collaboration with our partners gives us the opportunity to balance the best of world innovations with the ability to create new products adapted to specific multitasking needs of individual projects. With the technological resources and personal developments in fiber optic monitoring equipment for infrastructure facilities, local small-scale manufacturing of fiber optic cables and sensors, extensive technical and engineering experience we can provide a full range of services, starting from design to technical support. By exploiting existing competencies and exploring new opportunities, Laser Solutions acts as an engineering company with core competencies in:

Design and development of monitoring systems according to individual customer’s requirements;
Development and manufacturing of sensor product lines for specific applications;
Development of sensor installation techniques for different facilities;
Development and manufacturing of sensor installation equipment;
Software development (control and analysis) for management, analysis and interpretation of data obtained by the monitoring system, providing basis for forecasting behavior of the monitored structure.

Key monitoring applications:

Transmission pipelines (leakage, pipeline strain, intrusion);
Roads and railways in landslide areas;
Bridges and buildings (stressed-deformed state of load-bearing elements);
Tunnels (strain, inflammation, seepage);
Dams and dykes (movements of slabs, infiltration velocity, water pipe leaks, concrete hardening temperature during construction, etc.);
High voltage overhead line monitoring (temperature of conductive core, strain loads to aerial cables, temperature of optical fiber in a ground wire during icing, etc.);
Producer wells (temperature and pressure in-situ monitoring).

Together with our holding company «Fot-Capital», CJSC and partners we ensure effective integration and continuous performance of fiber optic monitoring systems at infrastructure facilities. A range of services provided by the companies included to Fot-Capital holding are:

R&D sector performed «UFD», LLC (http://en.ufdcom.ru). Its primary area of business refers to development of the cutting-edge equipment and monitoring systems based on fiber optic technologies.

Manufacturing done by “Fosens”, CJSC (http://www.fosens.ru) . Fosens was established to meet the demands in R&D of specialty fiber optic sensing cables compatible with monitoring systems. It gathered best expert specialists in fiber optic cables to organize the first Russian sensor manufacturing plant. By the middle of 2013 Fosens produced fiber optic sensing cables that were a step ahead of world competitors. In parallel with production activity Fosens is developing new cable types and product lines applicable to different industry sectors, operating conditions and multiple tasks.

The monitoring of infrastructure facilities is a fast growing market and Laser Solutions occupies rightful place among Russian companies involved in this business. A dedicated team of Laser Solutions provides customer support and assistance in the definition of an appropriate monitoring solution with respect to application requirement. Together with our customers we develop state-of-the-art solutions to protect structural and operational integrity of critical and complex assets with the best level of technology.





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