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Russian-Kazakhstan Fund of Nanotechnologies (RKFN) made its first investment by aquiring  a stake in Laser Solutions (Moscow). Laser Solutions is the Russia and CIS market leader in distribution of fiber-optic monitoring systems for extended infrastructure facilities. Technology of the company has substantial advantages over other technologies applied today, including simultaneous measurement of strain, pressure and temperature in the analysis of the sites up to 130 km and high resolution ability of up to 50 cm. This technology was developed by one of the leading technical teams in the CIS market, that has over 20 years experience of successful project implementation in the fiber-optic systems. The technology can be applied in oil and gas industry (oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities), transport infrastructure (brodges, tunnels, overpasses, railway and road infrastructure), energy facilities (hydro-, thermal-, nuclear-power plants, power transmission lines) as well as geotechnical monitoring (landslides, mudflows, conditions of slopes, embankments, dams, ground movement, earthquake endangered areas). 

Laser Solutions is actively cooperating with Russian major companies engaged in oil, gas and railway sectors and conducting negotiations with national Kazakhstan companies. RKFN's funds are directed for development of the Company.

Rigorous selection have preceded investments to Laser Solutions: RKFN's managing companies have reviewed over 200 different projects in kazakhstan and Russia in such sectors as alternative energy and energy efficiency, oil and gas industry, environmental protection technologies, medicine, agriculture, resource conservation, new materials and many others. 

Currently RKFN is reviewing a number of Russian and Kazakh projects with technologies designed to produce nanostructured construction materials; improve debit of oil wells; desulfurizate associated gas and oil, clear energy equipment from complex impurities without harming the surface and changing its physical and chemical properties, develop fiber-optic DWDM-and CWDM communication systems and for other purposes.

It should be noted that the Fund has objectives to exnensively promote innovations, cooperate with the companies and transfer the cutting-edge technologies to Russia and Kazakhstan, including realization of the projects within the framework of the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development (FIID) of Kazakhstan.

About RKFN:

Russian-Kazakhstan Fund of Nanotechnologies (RKFN) was established in late 2011 to develop innovations in Kazakhstan and Russia. At present the Fund's size is $51 million and the two anchor investors are "RUSNANO"  and Kazyna Capital Management JSC, a subsidiary of NMH "Baiterek" JSC each investing $25 million. The Fund's life is 10 years with average holding period of projects of 5-7 years. The Fund invests in projects within Russia and Kazakhstan on a parity basis. The managers of the Fund are two global companies- VTB Caplital Investment Management and I2BF Global Ventures. 

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