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CJSC "Laser Solutions" and our partner LLC "UFD" attended the 5th SPE Russian Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Technical Conference and  Exhibition held in Pavilion 75 at All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow on October 14-16, 2014. 

SPE Russian Oil & Gas is a forum where industry professionals, producting and service companies gather to share experiences and best practice in applying technology today and addressing the challenges of tommorow. During the conference and exhibition we've introduced our products to potential customers interested in distributed monitoring systems. A great attention has been focused by the largest oil & gas industry and service companies to distributed monitoring for downhole applications. Monitoring solution based on the use of one and the same speciality geophysical logging cable integrated with several optical fibers enabling both temperature measurement and registration of acoustic disturbances along the borehole is becoming increasingly in high demand. We are very delightred to have the solutions that meet the critical industry needs. By introducing our distributed fiber-optic acoustic monitoring system it is possible to measure both the frequency and amplitude of acoustic disturbances and to detect acoustic events  which may affect the integrity of a downhole .



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